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We have over 20 years of experience providing Loss Control services to major insurance carriers and other customers. We are a national service company providing custom loss control surveys and risk management services for insurance companies, businesses, agents, and brokers. Our network of professional Loss Control Consultants performs risk assessments and loss control surveys of various types and levels of complexity to the specifications of our insurance industry and safety partners.

We utilize a leading online data management system to manage our work. Our platform is able to integrate with other online systems, and we can provide access to our partners to maximize efficiency and transparency with our work. 

We work with a variety of reporting formats and templates, and we have the ability to create custom report forms for our customers. 
Loss-Control Services

Loss control surveys are an essential part of the underwriting process that identify weaknesses which might prevent a business from achieving its goals and objectives and may lead to unnecessary losses. Our loss control programs help policyholders reduce claims, and help insurance companies reduce losses through safety and risk management information and services. 

Construction Job Site Inspections

Construction is a high-hazard industry that covers a wide range of activities with related hazards. We provide services to companies both large and small that include:


  • Scheduled or unannounced safety inspections

  • Job site hazard analysis

  • Accident prevention and response programs

  • Accident investigation

  • Assistance with compliance issues

  • Safety program development

Safety Program Development

An effective company-wide safety program encourages a positive safety culture and can help prevent accidents and unnecessary losses. We work with companies to help them identify where their businesses may be vulnerable to accidents. We specialize in improving existing safety programs and developing and implementing new customized safety programs for our clients.


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